Friday, February 27, 2015

Back in the picture

It's been a looooong while since I dropped blogging somewhere along my way through life and motherhood.

There have been some ups and downs, laughter and tears, walking and running and crawling (some days get really bad, believe me you!). Hugs and kisses, fights and curses... you get the picture.

But nevertheless, some years and 4 kids later... I've decided to start again. It seems like such a waste of memories not to have them stored somewhere for future reminiscing, don't you think?

Truth be told, I'm not even sure if I am gong to be able to keep this going. Given my track record from my previous attempts to re-start blogging, the risk of abandonment is ohh so real.

But hey, one must find some time to start somewhere, no?

So here's to another go at blogging by a busy mom of four!

Cheer for me, will you? =D