Monday, May 4, 2015

She, in the new dress I made

So I was thinking of something outdoorsy today so that I could take a few shots of Aisyah in her new peasant dress that I made. But it was not to be. It rained this morning and we were in no particular mood to deal with wet slides, swings, mud and puddles.

And so to the mall we went to get Umar's watch fixed. Good enough excuse to get out of the house and go somewhere! So here are the pics, as best as I could get them since I didn't bring my speedlight with me. It would've been a bit too bulky and heavy to be lugging that around the mall.

I made the dress a little bigger so that she can grow into it but I may have made it a tad too short.
I think.

This is one of the easiest dress to make. I've made this so many times that I can probably whip one up in less than 2 hours, if I get to work on it without any distractions. Which, unfortunately, doesn't happen very often hehehe!

"Mama, abang taknak share!"
"Mine! Mine! Mine!"
"It was your fault." "No, your fault." "No, you did it first."

And on, and on, and on...

So you see, sewing helps keep my sanity intact. 
My therapy.
My creative outlet.

If you'd like to make one of these, find the tutorial here.

I'll be back with a new project soon, inshaa Allah.

In the meantime, take care and always keep kindness in your heart.

Yours truly, Nin.


  1. cantiknya baju dan orang nya cute mute lah

    1. Terima kasih Kak Noor, sudi jenguk2 blog saya =)

  2. So cute...Nice work Nin..!!

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  5. Salam singgah kembali ^_^

    Wow, you did it yourself! Daebak! Daebak!

    I ni pegang jarum pun gigil. Nak sumbat benang dalam jarum pun ambil masa 24 jam. Bila nampak mesin jahit macam nampak alien turun ke bumi. Berminat tapi tak pandai-pandai sampailah ke tua ni. Hiks!

    Bagi I, kalau nampak orang pandai jahit baju, I rasa macam satu pencapaian yang tinggi bangat tau, tak tercapai dek tangan mulus I nih :)

    1. Terima kasih singgah blog ai yang tak seberapa ni. I'm adding you to my bloglist sbb celoteh awak kelakar hehehe....

  6. Wow! Cantik....
    Beruntung anaknya, mama pandai jahit dress.

    1. Boleh laa... dress simple2 =D. Terima kasih singgah.

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  8. Assalam aznin,
    santek laaaaaa
    untung aisyah :)
    p/s : nomei toi mek echa :)


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