Monday, August 24, 2015

Just so I don't forget

I'm putting these here for my own benefit. 

Came across them on FB and I know, if I don't put these here, I will scroll down and forget all about it. There's a higher chance of me being reminded of these poor people's plight and hopefully, spur me to contribute in some way to make a difference.

More than once or twice.

I hope, by you coming across this posting here on my blog, it'll spur you too to lend a hand.

If God decrees it, we will all grow old someday and it could be you or me in their shoes.

May somebody be kind enough to help us when we do end up less than privileged.


  1. Oh, my... tak sanggup nak meneruskan pembacaan! Sampai hatinya anak-anak meninggalkan orang tua mereka terlantar begitu sahaja. Mungkin mereka ada sebab tapi buatlah dengan cara yang lebih elok dan bertanggungjawab!

    1. Kan MD? Kdg2 terdesak... yg nak membela tu pun tak mampu dari segi kewangan, entah2 anak2 sendiri pun ramai. Kesian...


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