Thursday, August 27, 2015

New appliance and the adventures it brings

I recently bought a kitchen gadget, recommended by a friend. As recently as 2 months ago. At first, I wasn't really keen thinking a kitchen gadget is a kitchen gadget lah, just like any other. Kan? Every maker of kitchen appliances will surely make all sorts of claims about their product. Boleh buat itu ini in such amount of time, boleh jimat masa and tenaga so you have extra time to spend with your family, yada yada yada... Heheh!

But anywho, kawan bertuah sorang ni memang bijak. Since she knows my husband too, she promoted the product to him instead, tagging him on FB on every post concerning the gadget complete dengan gambar2 masakan that she herself cooked using the gadget. She kept telling me how much of a help this kitchen appliance would be to me, a full time homemaker to a family of 6. Belilah, kalau sayang bini, katanya...

And she really did cook up a storm in her kitchen with the said gadget to entice us...from all kinds of lauk-pauk, to mouthwatering snacks like chinese steamed buns (I've always known them as "pau"), to homemade chocolate hazelnut spread and sinful dessert like chocolate custard. Yes... I have that image of them chocolate custard in little containers vividly stored in my brain. One day, I too will be making them. Macamlah kalau tak pakai gadget ni takleh buat choc custard kan? Kui kui kui!

Maka suamiku yang vulnerable itu telah termakan promosi kaw-kaw sahabat baikku. I didn't have to mention anything, he himself insisted that I buy the said appliance, "kalau dapat ringankan keje u, I sanggup bayor," katanya. I guess it's true when people say, food is one of the surest ways to a man's heart. Even just pictures of them on FB. Though I have to admit, I did wonder if his insistence was really for my needs, or his. Lol!

And that was how... the Thermomix became a member of my household.

It took some getting used to, some trials and errors... some yays and nays...

I've had my fair share of yays...

To die for milk bread, mee goreng basah, orange cupcakes, heavenly congo bars and mouthwatering pizza.

And an equal share of nays...

...from overbeaten lemon bundt cake, to underbaked bread,  not-so-rolly looking sausage rolls,
messy kaya steamed buns, way below average pizza crust and sigh...
a very watery ayam masak merah. *cry*

But I took it all in my stride. 

Okay, I lied. 

The disappointment from the citrus bundt cake misadventure turned me into a sulky, old hag. But lets not discuss that, shall we? Lol!

Last night, however, was THE moment of sweet triumph for I finally succeeded in baking the best bread I have ever attempted baking.

Prior to TM (that's short for Thermomix), I had never, in my entire life, baked bread. I thought it was something only accomplished bakers dare to try. The thoughts of yeast, proofing, and kneading... all these intimidated me into resigning my fate to eating store bought bread for the rest of my life. After all, getting my favorite "enaknya dimakan begitu saja" loaf of bread was easy.

I even managed to find a close substitute when I moved to Miri more than 5 years ago. So basically, there really was no need to bake my own bread.

Until I gave it a shot and discovered the joy and satisfaction of baking bread!

Why haven't anyone told me this before? Why? Why??

My first loaf was so-so...

Slightly underbaked, didn't taste as good either. 

Then I tried my second loaf using the same recipe but a bigger sized pan...

Looked and tasted better than the first one. I have discovered by now that my oven has some heat distribution issue.

So by my third attempt, I knew that I needed to turn my bread 180 degree to get even baking halfway through baking, and that I needed to extend the cooking time a little bit for it to be thoroughly baked. I switched to a different recipe too. I made milk bread instead of the basic sandwich bread. And what a difference it turned out to be!

See for yourself.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, will be my go-to bread recipe from now on. It's soft and fluffy, and I kid you not, it tastes just like my favorite brand. It fills my requirement that a bread should be "enaknya dimakan begitu saja". For you non-Malay-speaking folks, that means, it's good enough to eat on its own. It really is.

I made this last night. 4 slices were chowed down as soon as it was cool enough to be sliced. We all laki-bini melantak dulu hehehe.... he had his with plain cream cheese, while I had mine with strawberry flavored cream cheese.

I took a quick glance early this morning, only about 1/4 of them left. I haven't had my breakfast yet, so I think I'd better head to the kitchen now.

Takut melepas! Maid akak kuat makan.


  1. Yeah, berjaya akhirnya! Congratulations! Oh, I kena ucap tahniah ni sebab berjaya akhirnya membuat roti dalam sepanjang karier sebagai housewife. I ni sampai sekarang tak berani nak buat roti sendiri. Selagi tak beli breadmaker, selagi tulah tak berani (macamlah tak boleh buatkan kalau takda breadmaker)

    Eh, pandai kawan you! Tak dapat pujuk kawan baik sendiri, suami kawan baik pun jadilah! Nampak sangat ni Nin suami you yang nak beli breadmaker ni. Hahaha... Tapi takpalah banyak kegunaannya selepas melalui ranjau dan duri bab-bab tak menjadi tukan... ^_^


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