Saturday, April 2, 2016

Book Fair Means More Books!

So I went to the 3rd Putrajaya International Book Fair otherwise known as The Bookerville Carnival at PICC yesterday.

See, I hadn't been to a book fair of that magnitude in at least 6 years. Having been stashed away on the beautiful island of Borneo, I had other priorities. You know... like strolling down lovely beaches, and enjoying sunsets and what not. The usual stuff people do over there.

So naturally, I went CRAY-ZEE!

Oh the array of coloring books to choose from...

And the tantalizing coloring mediums on offer...

Couldn't resist a quick wefie with my son...

And the treasures we left with... (siap pinjam troli tu!)

In the end, my indulgence consisted of only these ... (yang berlambak2 dalam troli tu semua anak2 punya uols!)

As you can see, I bought the best sellers - Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest by JB.  Haven't started on them yet. Masih dalam plastic.

As I am currently working on this...

This is my first time using watercolor pencils. And I am totally in love with them!

So how was your weekend?


  1. Assalamualaikum Ma'am ^_~
    Wahhhh book fair.. One of the places I need to avoid since I'm stationery addict.. if not sure overspend.. Couldn't resist tengok semua tu kak..

    1. Wkmslm. Stationery addict here too... maklum lah, kecik2 dulu tak merasa hik hik!

  2. Talking about books, dah lama I tak pergi book fair ni semua. Paling-paling kalau nak beli buku, I tunggu BBW. But then, kerana masa I untuk membaca suntuk (tak tahu apa yang disibukkan sangat sebenarnya...), I berazam nak habiskan semua novel yang I dah beli since 2014 dulu barulah boleh pergi lagi. Kalau pergi pun beli untuk anak-anak aje. Tapi kalau pergilah, dah tentu-tentu terbeli untuk mak budak-budak ni juga. Pembaziranlah jawabnya sebab simpan aje dalam plastik elok-elok, bacanya tak juga I nih!

    1. I ni kemaruk MD, kat miri dulu tak hadap pun book fair. Bukan takde, tapi tak pegi huhuhu...


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