Friday, May 13, 2016

That favourite dress. (Tutorial bahasa Melayu)

If you're a Facebook user, I'm sure you're familiar with Facebook pulling you back in time to past memories every now and then.

Memories of x years ago randomly popping up on your screen.

And so it was, one fine day, one of those reminders beckoned me to go through some of my old albums on FB.

And I found this pic of my then almost 2 years old daughter in the peasant dress I made for her. This was the 2nd peasant dress I sewed. I loved to see her wearing this particular blue and pink dress. It suited her very well.

Anyway, that dress is way too short now and to be honest, I have no idea where it is. (???)

Perhaps, it is time to make new ones.

Click here for the tutorial in Bahasa Melayu. For English tutorials, there are countless of them on the net. Seek, and ye shall find!


  1. Alahai comelnya! Tak ke you rasa nak menitis air mata bila tengok your daughter dah makin besar sekarang?

    Sweet sangat the colour. Sesuai sungguh dengan ex-pemilik dress ni yang putih comel lote cute bangat ^_^

    1. Mau tak nitik... sayuuu je I nengok gambar tu huhuhu...


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