Friday, March 20, 2015

Gratitude Journal #1 - Loving Family


 Apart from the obvious basic necessities like food, shelter, family (which of course, I am thankful for), there are countless other blessings that we sometimes take for granted.

This is just the start of a hopefully regular postings to remind me one of the many, many, tak terhingga banyaknya blessings that Allah has bestowed upon me.

Just ONE thing/event that affects me in a positive way, every day. I hope to look back on these postings in darker times and be reminded that the good far outweighs the bad.

So today, I am touched by a gesture by my eldest daughter (who is going to be 10 next month, and who I consider as a miracle and a determined fighter. I'll tell you about her in my future postings insyaAllah).

I came home this afternoon from running errands to find this posted on the outside of the main door to our house.

It's a welcome home note for her father who has been away for 3 days and will be coming back home later this afternoon (safely, insyaAllah).

In case the writing is not so legible to you, it says, "We love you and we miss you dad"

Nak terkucil airmata I tau...

You may wonder how a 10-year-old's writing look like a 6-year-old's. But for me, this is a reminder of how far she has come and how much we, as a family, has endured.

It's a reminder that no matter how bleak the future had seem to us then, it can be turned around with determination, hard work, love and lots of doa. Without His love and mercy, none of this could've happened.

So this, my friends, is what I am eternally grateful for. The blessing of a family who love each other enough, to beat the odds.


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  1. Assalam aznin,
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