Friday, April 17, 2015


It's been at least 2 weeks of stress and little sleep. 2 weeks of caring, nursing and heaping TLCs on loved ones, and frequent trips to the clinic that I have, honestly, lost count.

Blame it on the heatwave at this time of the year. Blame it more on the rampant open burning that is the norm over here, the cheapest method of clearing up farming land owned by the rich, selfish and greedy. With little rain, and lots of smoke, the API (Air Pollutant Index) has been churning up ugly numbers. Believe it or not, some days the burning was so bad that my patio got literally covered with ashes carried by the wind!

My whole family suffered the consequence of these natural and madmen-made events combined. We all got hit with the same viral infection, complete with fever, sore throat and incessant coughing. Aisyah, my youngest, unfortunately was the one hardest hit. She's been sick the longest. At last visit to the pediatrician (her 4th visit in 2 weeks!), she was diagnosed with a mild infection in her right lung. That explains the poor appetite and the fever that just wouldn't go away. My poor baby.

She has a follow-up appointment at the pediatrician tomorrow and if things haven't improved much, she may have to be warded. Might as well. It's nerve-wrecking seeing her keep refusing food and milk, especially this long. Her weight loss is obvious. So is her lack of bubbliness and enthusiasm. My baby is just not herself. I miss her.

I hope to update with better news in my next posting. Until then...

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  1. Assalam aznin,
    memang musim cuaca tak menentu
    sian aisyah


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