Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Malam yang panjang.

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They say that we should always strive to start the day on a positive note. That isn't going to happen in my day today. 

Arrghh stress!!

Aisyah slept late last night, thanks to an extended afternoon nap. After she finally fell asleep, it took me awhile to doze off myself. Rasa2 agak2 dalam pukul 1 macam tu lah baru lelap. At 3:40am Aisyah woke me up mintak susu. Senang la dia kan? Rengek2 mintak susu, sambil mama buat susu she tido. Then bila susu siap, sambil minum susu mata pun lelap jugak. Haishh! 

The carefree life of a toddler!

Me, on the other hand, ended up wide awake afterwards. Just couldn't go back to sleep. Pusing kiri, pusing kanan. Long story short, here I am still awake since 3:40am. And as always the case with me when I lack sleep... nausea and vomiting ensued. 

Omaigod please!

So what am I doing, blogging, you might ask? Why am I not in bed catching up on lost zzzz? 

Well, it's complicated. I'm not a daytime sleeper. Doesn't come as easy to me as it used to be in my younger years. It's probably the brightness of daylight. May also be that my mind can't rest knowing there's a hive of activity going on in my surrounding. I'd be going through my mental to-do list over and over. There's just so much to do, and so little time energy.

So what's left for me to do?

Entah! Haven't figured it out yet.



  1. Ala.. I wrote a very long comment here but somehow did not appear here.. Huhu.. Anyway, im happy that you mail me.. And you started sewing too! Boleh geng tok 😁

    1. Boleh geng for sure! I might just steal some ideas from you =p.

  2. Assalam aznin,
    salam perkenalan
    iols balas kunjunngan uols naaaaaa
    pehni iols komen bertingkek2 hokeyh :)
    p/s : semalam pun iols tak tido puas, ater my boboboy demam sob3....kena dok jerlum sepanjang malam :P

    1. Mak aiih... sakan mike komen! Tekejut iols tengok komen bertingkek2. Tima kasih luangkan masa. Datang le lagi ye... =D


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