Thursday, June 11, 2015

SABAH - Most EVENTFUL Holiday Ever!


I've been wanting to blog about our recent roadtrip to KK, tapi mood tak datang2 hehehe...

It was one of my most memorable roadtrip ever, and one full of unexpected events, including an earthquake!

Never in my wildest imagination that I'd experience an earthquake, melainkan kiamat, of course. Yet, it did happen and alhamdulillah, I survived.

Some friends likened our holiday to a National Lampoon holiday hahaha! And yes, to a certain extent, it is a pretty apt comparison.

It's been 5 days since we came home but to be honest, I'm still recovering from the exhaustion of travelling with 4 young kids and an elderly mom.

Seluruh badanku sengal2, let me tell you that! Because simply, it was a week of non-stop moving for me. Dari bangun pagi, sampai lah ke malam. Tu pun malam2 masih bangun buat susu. Kids have constant needs and endless requests... haish! Tak kasi chan langsung mama nak bersantai2.

I will eventually blog about our holiday, insyaAllah... as soon as I get my daily routine back on track. As soon as I get my realities and dreams sorted out.

Seriously, I need a post-holiday holiday...

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  1. Uhuh! Entri pemanas rupanya. I dah get ready nak baca your experience cuti-cuti di Sabah ni, Nin. Dah siap tongkat dagu sambil sediakan semug air Milo di sebelah! Baru warm up rupanya....

    Takpa, take your time lepas tu baru jadi penglipur-lara ya!


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