Sunday, February 5, 2017

Introvert Me

You know, many people may not understand this, but there are many people like me in this world who needs to get our creative juice flowing in order to feel like we are whole and important to the people around us. It's what charges us. That time alone, creating something and then savouring the satisfaction of the ensuing outcome, whatever that may be. It's like an addiction, but in a good way.

Take baking, for instance. I'm not crazy about it. But there are times when I feel this strong urge to go in the kitchen and get something baked. Anything! Well... maybe social media has a lot to do with that urge. Imagine yourself scrolling on facebook and then tadaaaa! somebody made some picture perfect chocolate cake and you couldn't help it and yelled "nak jugaaakkkk!!" in your head. *aku le tu*

So, believe it or not, when my oven broke down (yes...whining-about-the-oven post again...maafkan hamba) a few days ago, I almost fell into depression. Gile ke hapa siap boleh dilanda kemurungan kan? But that's exactly what happened!

If you're a worrier like me (most introverts are), you'd totally understand when I say that just thinking about the process of getting the oven fixed is enough to pull me into the abyss of darkness. *haaa dramatic kan I?*.

First, have to find the warranty card and see if it's still under warranty, which means this act involves some aktiviti menyelongkar dan mencari, which I hate.

Then, have to make a phone call to the service center, which I also hate. I hate making phone calls, lagi pulak service center kat Malaya ni yang more often than not, some freaky machine will answer and you'd be lucky if you get directed to the right person, or even department. In most cases, you'd get passed around from one person to another and you have to repeat your story to every person you spoke to. You know the drill, I see you nodding.

After that, judging from my previous experience calling the service center of this particular oven brand that I'm using, you'll have to make an appointment to secure a technician, of which the soonest they can come will be next week (if you're lucky). In my case, it took 2-3 phone calls that did nothing until I wrote a complain on their FB page. Isn't it amazing what some rattling of reputation can do? Eventhough sekadar acah-acah-je-macam-la-aku-berani-benor?

And then there's the actually 'repair' time that God knows how long it'll take.

Jadinya bila dikira-kira, bajet2 dalam sebulan jugak lah kut takleh pakai oven. See? Mana tak depress??

It's like one of my options for de-stressing is gone. I know, it's temporary but still... it's *choking with tears* It's what I do for my me time. It's what I do to feel good about myself. To relax, chill and pat myself on the back at the sight of a richly glazed cinnamon rolls at the end of it all.

Haishh! Sudah lah drama Nin oi!

Now what?

Sewing, I guess. I need to get my hands to make something... so today, I went into my sewing room and started cutting some random fabric to make a skirt for my 4yo. I'm hoping sewing will be enough to keep me occupied till the oven is ready to serve its owner again.

Might just make a tutorial...

Until then... I wish you well.

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