Thursday, May 21, 2015

Kerenah hari Khamis

Those who know me, know that I love to create. I love to make something, out of nothing. Well, not nothing... out of various materials lah, logically. Ambo buke tuhe... hehehe...

That is why, sometimes when Umar gets a school project to be done at home, I am almost always the one feeling all excited about it. I would be the one lying in bed at night thinking of ideas, materials and ways to make the project a reality. I'd go hunting for stuff to use in the project. Maknye yang lebih, anak rilek jek...

Today, Umar submitted his assignments... a shoebox habitat, a food chain, an informational poster of a Sarawak longhouse and a favorite piece of art depicting a natural habitat. I guess you can see the pattern now... they're learning about habitat this term.

So here are his assignments...

The diorama was very easy to make. Find a shoebox, line it with green crepe paper (I got Umar to do it himself), cut out 2 pieces of tree trunk shaped cardboards, stick them in there any way you would. Then just stick crumpled pieces of crepe paper around to make the leaves and grass. This was a very easy part where I got Umar to actively participate. It was his homework, after all.

As for the orangutan, I googled some coloring pics on the net, downloaded them, scaled down to size, and printed them. Umar colored them and pasted them wherever and whichever way he liked it. Done.

All these are due tomorrow but I insisted that we send them in today cause the longer they are at home, the higher the chance of the younger siblings putting their "fingerprints" on them.
Plus, these were just lying around on the dining table, like, juuuust waiting for a cup of coffee or milo to spill all over them...

No way am I going to risk that!

So due to the bulkiness of the homework, I decided to send Umar to school instead of him taking the school bus. Mana nak bawak beg sekolah lagi, beg isi diorama lagi, nak kepit 3 manila cards kat ketiak lagi hehehe... Kesian anak I yg chubby tu.


After sending Umar, I had to rush home to fetch Muhammad pulak and send him to school. Dalam kelam-kabut tu, sempat jugak singgah beli nasi lemak berlauk dulu. I call that, rezeki. Jangan ditolak =)

And later, this is what happened in the car...

Muka nak nangis cause he can't get his socks to co-operate.

The little cheeky fella insisted that his socks must be pulled all the way up. And that they must be the same height. I said only girls wear socks that high. He didn't care.

And so I spent the whole trip to school coaxing him that it is not possible to pull them any longer. That is as far as they can go. He was beginning to get upset.

Nasib lah sempat sampai sekolah before he switched on this "cranky" button. 

And so, off he went.

It's only 10:15am now. There's more to come.
Don't you just love children?


  1. kreatif nya projek Umar tu sis...
    rezeki dapat makan nasi lemak..mmg tak boleh tolak..hihi

    1. Terima kasih. Dapat idea dari internet jugak hehhehe...

  2. Biasalah Nin, mak-mak memang over memanjang! Ni malam ni I nak tolong anak bujang bungkus hadiah dan buat kad untuk sambutan Hari Guru di sekolah esok. Dia insist nak bagi semua cikgu-cikginya hadiah sebab lamalah dapat bermanja dengan Mommynya nanti sambil bungkus-bungkus coklat ~_^

    By the way, how many kids do you have? Tiga ke? Umar tu ke yang 9 tahun? Same age with my Bubbly Abanglah.

    1. Quality time, treasure it. I pun rasa seronok dapat spend some time dgn Umar. Sama2 kaler, sama2 surf internet cari bahan... rasa sgt bermakna. Maklum, dah la sekolah sehari-suntuk, bila balik rumah mama plak sibuk layan adik2 kecik, masak etc.

      Selamat membungkus!


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